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Hypothesis for Collaborative Web Annotation: Bugs and Feature Requests

Now Integrated witih Canvas

Feature Requests

Fall 2020 (updated Fall 2022)

Feature Request:  It would be helpful if there were a way for students to indicate that they have completed an annotation assignment.  And it would be helpful if there were a way for faculty to indicate that they had completed reviewing the assignment.  Currently, if ungraded, assignments remain on 'to do" lists, which can be confusing and dispiriting (even if faculty have provided comments).

Status:  The Hypothesis folks have recognized a need for clarity about assignment completion in the academic context.  They do plan to implement something soon.

Workaround:  Turn on grading for your assignment .  As soon as you submit a grade, the assignment will disappear from your to-do list, and probably the student's to-do list as well.  Faculty who do not want to actually assign grades just give a 1 for a completed assignment.

There is currently no "submit" button in the student view, so there is no way for a student to indicate that they have completed the assignment.  (Hypothesis does track each time a student is in a new session and makes at least one annotation/edit/reply, creating a "submission" with a date stamp based on the last annotation the student made before closing out of an assignment.  A dropdown menu shows all the student's "submission" dates, but none of these indicate that the student is "done" with the assignment, only that they logged out of a session).


Rescanning When Words all run together in copied text in annotation panel:

Not all OCRs are created equal.  Sometimes, even the OCR'd text from our library ebooks is not done well.  One problem you might see is that although the text works with Hypothesis, the words in the copied text that appears in the annotation panel all run together -- no spaces.  Sometimes you can fix this by re-doing the OCR.  If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro or other similar software, try that.  If not, try:


Jan 2021

The bug:  In SpeedGrader, no annotations appear even though students have been annotating.

What to do about it:  This is a potential after-effect of combining two Canvas sites into one.  It is a known problem and can be avoided, so it will probably never happen again.  If it does, submit a tech help ticket at   Bridget can fix it.

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