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Evergreen Protests of 2016-2017: The Bibliography: Introduction


Evergreen Protests of 2016-2017:  The (Ever-Expanding) Bibliography

From Wonkette to the Wall Street Journal, from the Olympian to the Guardian, from NPR to Joe Rogan --  citations and links to over 450 online articles, podcasts, radio broadcasts,  and more.

This bibliography offers citations and links to articles, podcasts, etc., all relating to the protests that occurred at The Evergreen State College during the 2016-2017 school year.  The protests continue to reverberate locally and beyond.  May 2018, a year after the main events, was a particularly prolific month in the national media. From 2021 on, references to the Evergreen protests have been few and far between, while Covid-related statements by Evergreen-protest headliner Bret Weinstein continued to make the news.   In 2024, Weinstein's high profile appearances on Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and Infowars, all involving new claims about immigration and AIDs, led to Weinstein's Twitter account exceeding 1 million followers.  The Afterlives of the Evergreen Protests page captures citations relevant to these adjacent concerns.  

Throughout, the bibliography includes only documents in the public realm -- there is no insider or off-the-record information.

The Evergreen Protests Bibliography:  

While not all articles published are included in this bibliography, the criteria for inclusion are broad.  This is not intended as a guide to the ‘best’ articles.  In fact, some of the articles include false statements, and you will certainly find divergent interpretations. The goals of the bibliography are to link to materials that can help develop a better understanding of: 

  1. what happened at Evergreen; and
  2. the relation of Evergreen events to events elsewhere; and
  3. the developing media representation of the protests and related developments; and
  4. the media representation of the media representation of the protests and related developments at Evergreen and elsewhere.

Those goals are sometimes in conflict.

More recent articles are often less directly related to the protests, while clearly maintaining an important relationship to them.

The articles cited in this bibliography:

  • At least mention Evergreen or a person or theme that emerged from the Evergreen protests; and
  • do at least one of the following:
    • provide a local perspective of interest
    • include new facts, arguments, or framing of issues that are relevant to understanding either the media response to the issues or the issues themselves
    • reach a particularly large audience

Neither tweets nor standalone videos are included, with a few exceptions that include unique testimonials, substantive analysis, or unique primary sources.

Please read critically: just because it is in the news or on the web doesn’t mean it’s true. For best results evaluate sources, compare accounts, read up on the broader contexts, and talk to folks who were there.

The Bibliographer apologizes in advance for inconsistency in bibliographic formats.  He'll try to clean it all up someday, but for now he prefers to stay focused on timely addition of new citations and links.  While annotations on this site are intended as part of a "fact-checking" enterprise, any interpretations of events or media are the Bibliographer's own.

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