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Evergreen Protests of 2016-2017: The Bibliography: July to Sept 2017

Articles July to December 2017

Iannone, Carol.  "Who the People?".  Academic Questions.  30(3).  September, 2017.  pp 259-265.

Devotes a half paragraph to DoA, claiming it as evidence of a "new kind of minority belligerence  . . .finding something offensive not in the attitudes some whites may hold, but in their very existence . . " and therefore part of a "quasi-genocidal" tendency.  Iannone's brief reference to 50 faculty condemning Weinstein presumably refers to the faculty letter that called for a disciplinary investigation of Weinstein for endangering people on campus, and fails to note that this letter was a response to Weinstein's appearance on Tucker Carlson, not to Weinstein being on campus on DoA.

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Interview with Evergreen professor Peter Bohmer conducted on June 7.

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