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Evergreen Protests of 2016-2017: The Bibliography: Jan - April 2018

Articles January through April 2018

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Two paragraphs on Weinstein and Evergreen, including a couple of factual errors and a couple of editing mistakes.

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Woodward opposes campus critics and protestors who have targeted Lindsay Shepherd, Jordan Peterson, and Weinstein; and calls for people to have "real discussion" across differences.  Perhaps because he is a student himself, Woodward does something that other commentators should have emulated:  he quotes directly from the Evergreen student paper to explain the Day of Absence. "[t]his past year, however, the dynamic of the Day of Absence changed. Instead of people of color voluntarily leaving the campus, 'white students, staff and faculty [were] invited to leave the campus for the day’s activities,' as reported by a student journal at Evergreen."  In fact,,this and  the rest of the Evergreen student newspaper article, nearly always ignored, could be usefully referenced in nearly every account of the Day of Absence.

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Editor Ignatieff is presdient and rector of  Central European University, formerly of Budapest.  Facing pressure from prime minister Orban, CEU moved out of Hungary to Vienna in December 2018, only months after this book was published.  Ignatieff writes that this volume ranges "from the closing of universities in Turkey and the narrowing space for academic freedom in Hungary, China, and Russia, to the controversies about free speech roiling American campuses."

Evergreen angle:  As part of a survey of cases from the United States, includes an account of Bret Weinstein's experience during the protests in 2016-2017.

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