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Evergreen Protests of 2016-2017: The Bibliography: November - December 2019

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November - December 2019

Martins, Joseph J.  "Losing Liberty: A Biblical Defense for the Freedom of Speech on Campus".  Regent University Law Review.  32(2), 2019, pp 345-386.

MacDonald, Heather.  "The Cost of America’s Cultural Revolution".  City Journal.  9 December, 2019.

[The Film "No Safe Spaces" went into broader release around the country over the past couple of weeks.  There are now many reviews and commentaries,  and probably more coming.  Here are two opposing views from major newspapers, that probably approximately represent the polarized views you could find in nearly all other current reviews.  Interestingly, the LAT review is currently identified as a positive ("fresh") review on Rotten Tomatoes, although it is in fact unambiguously and bitingly negative.]

Kass, John.  "Column: Is this still a free country? The new movie ‘No Safe Spaces’ raises frightening doubts".  Chicago Tribune.  5 December, 2019.

Rechtshaffen, Michael.  "Review: Free speech doc ‘No Safe Spaces’ clearly sides with one set of voices".  Los Angeles Times.  14 November, 2019.  


Spegman, Abby.  "Evergreen sees signs of progress but a long way to go as it looks to stop shrinking".  The Olympian.  1 December, 2019. [Paywall:  Evergreen users can read the text via the Evergreen library here.]

Duke, Selwyn.  "Intellectual Dark Web Professor Says Christianity Contrary to Values Needed to “Govern” Earth"".  New American.  1 December, 2019.

No mention of Evergreen, but . . . IDW.

Overman, Tony.  "Evergreen:  Not Your Typical College." The Olympian (Video).  30 November, 2019.

Menahan, Chris.  "The Intellectual Dark Web's End Game: World Government And The Death of Christianity".  Information Liberation.  25 November, 2019.  [Later reproduced by Alex Jones  affiliated Prison Planet].

Kabbany, Jennifer.   "As Evergreen State’s enrollment continues to tank, it hosts white-blaming ‘equity symposium’".  The College Fix.  25 November, 2019.

Boghossian, Peter.  "‘Idea Laundering’ in Academia".  The Wall Street Journal.  24 November, 2019.  Opinion.

van den Berg, Alessandro.  "The Particular Discomfort Neurodivergents Have with Speech Codes".  Merion West.  22 November 2019.

Sexton, John.  "Evergreen State College Enrollment Is Down Sharply Once Again".  HotAir.  18 November, 2019.

Stonestreet, John and David Carlson.  "BreakPoint: Freedom of speech vs. tyranny is focus of new film 'No Safe Spaces'".  Chatanooga Times Free Press. 16 November, 2019.

Passing reference to Evergreen and Weinstein.

Ryan, Michael.  "New film shows campus assaults on free speech. How do Missouri, Kansas colleges fare?".  The Kansas City Star.  13 November, 2019.

About a paragraph devoted to Evergreen and Weinstein.  Maybe the first to use the word "decree" in reference to the Day of Absence:  Ryan writes that Weinstein "dared to defy" a "decree that all whites stay off campus for a day".  Ryan also introduces the term "tormented", writing that Weinstein and Heying were "tormented until they left" the college.


Passing reference to Evergreen and Weinstein.

Ryan, Michael.  "New film shows campus assaults on free speech. How do Missouri, Kansas colleges fare?".  The Kansas City Star.  13 November, 2019.

Passing reference to Evergreen and Weinstein.

Petrusich, Amanda.  "Dax Shepard, Anthropology Major" .  The New Yorker.  11 November, 2019.

Passing mention of Weinstein's appearance on ArmChair Expert, actor Dax Shepard's million-dowload-per-episode podcast .

Regan, Lauri B.  "No Safe Spaces: What Happens When Common Sense and Values Disappear".  American Thinker.  11 November, 2019

Discussion of the film No Safe Spaces includes a short paragraph on Evergreen, exclusively focused on Weinstein.  Seems to combine events that happened over months into one day, and states incorrectly that "whites were forbidden on campus".  

Mootz, Daniel.  "Life After the Intellectual Dark Web".  The Cooper Point Journal.  10 November, 2019.

McWhorter, John.  "The Show-Trial Rhetoric That Took Down a Charter-School Founder".  The Atlantic.  10 November, 2019.

Primarily about the Ascend charter school in Brooklyn, this article includes two sentences on Evergreen:

"At Evergreen State, the biology professor Bret Weinstein was hounded out of his post for refusing to heed a demand that whites vacate the campus for a day. During a confrontation, he asked students to allow him a difference of opinion, only to be told to general approbation, “You’re saying some racist shit.”"

The 2nd sentence seems to be accurate.  The first reproduces the common trope that Weinstein was "hounded out" (although the college is not known to have taken any action against him,  and he left as part of a settlement of a suit he brought against the college). and the incorrect statement that there was a "demand" that whites vacate the campus for a day.

Wilson, Jason.  "Far-right leader and Washington officers face civil rights lawsuit over violent incident".  Guardian.  5 November, 2019.

Fund, John.  "In No Safe Spaces, an Odd Couple Teams Up to Fight Free-Speech Bans".  The National Review.  3 November,  2019.

Discussion of a feature documentary released in one theater in Phoenix on Oct 25th, and scheduled for wider distribution (currently scheduled to open in one or more theaters in 10-12 states by Nov 15).  Includes a brief and vague discussion of the Day of Absence and Bret Weinstein, which is more accurate than most.  Claims without a source that the documentary is "breaking box-office records in Phoenix and San Diego".  The only source The Bibliographer has seen that could be the basis for this claim is from an article on Fox News and is sourced to the film's production team:

"The film raked in an estimated $45,000 on one screen in Phoenix, the production team said, adding that the only documentary that earned more from one screen on an opening weekend was Michael Moore's “Sicko” in 2007."

A subsequent Fox News article added:

"No Safe Spaces,"  which opened in limited release on Oct. 25, came close to topping the $185-million budget “Terminator: Dark Fate” in Denver and San Diego theater complexes over the weekend, 

And a Fox News article subsequent to that one adds:

The documentary from radio personality Dennis Prager and comedian Adam Carolla beat the $185-million budget "Terminator: Dark Fate" on Monday at . . . two theaters, according to the film's distributor

Sexton, John.  "NY Times Opinion: President Obama Is Too Old To Understand Cancel Culture".  HotAir.  1 November, 2019.

Poff, Jeremiah.  "College’s tutors don’t correct undocumented students’ grammar, just give ‘culturally sensitive feedback’".  The College Fix.  1 November, 2019.

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