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Evergreen Protests of 2016-2017: The Bibliography: Oct to Dec 2017

Oct to Dec 2017

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 A long report that concludes that "Australia's universities are failing to protect free speech on campus."

Evergreen angle:  After briefly discussing cases at Middlebury and Berkeley, Lesh writes that

"Professor Bret Weinstein of Evergreen State College was confronted by 50 students in class who demanded he resign, following an email in which he rejected the demand that all white students and faculty stay away from campus for a day of 'racial awareness'.  He was subsequently advised by campus police to stay off campus due to threats to his physical safety, and resigned his position at Evergreen as it became untenable"

See  Glyn, Dec 14 2018 for a critique.


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“[Absent from the Media:  According to a Morris County Reporter Reached via Personal Communication, the Morris Plains Man Accused of Calling in Phone Threat Has Received PTI, or Pretrial Intervention.  You Can Read about PTI in General at the Following Link.  There Is Currently No Known Published Report about This.].” 2017.

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