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Rare Books Room: Handmade, Small Press, and Artists' Books


An image of the library search bar, "artists' books" typed and "Evergreen Rare Books" selected in the drop down menu.

Locating artist books

Artist books are housed in the general collection of the Rare Books Room. To search for artist books in the catalog, select Evergreen Rare Books from the drop-down menu on the right. Then, search for "artists' books" in quotation marks.


What is an artist book?

An artist book is a work of art that utilizes the form/physicality of the book. Typically, these books are one of a kind, but they can also be printed in small or fine editions. Artist books are also called handmade books and are typically made by hand with the artist having a lot of control over the form, content, and structure. Artist books come in all shapes and sizes. Our smallest artist books are shelved separately on the miniature book shelf.

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