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Prior Learning from Experience (PLE): Home

Academic Resources for students seeking credit in the PLE program. Includes library resources and some examples of learning objectives pulled from university syllabi.

Learning Goals and Course Syllabi

Course syllabi from various colleges and universities are terrific places to start identifying and creating a list of learning goals you have already met in your lived and professional experience. The language of the syllabi and the learning goals/objectives can provide section headings that will help you focus your essays. See examples below.

Campus Resources

Using the Resources

Students writing for PLE academic credit will use syllabi that they find working with Liza Rognas (library research faculty).  They will use professional and academic research resource in order to draft a set of organized essays that demonstrate their own unique experiences. The resources listed here are meant to be examples of the kinds of materials PLE students should be using to guide their essays.

CONTACT:  Liza R. Rognas, Library Research Faculty

Career Resources & Descriptions

Academic Research Resources

Section headings and chapter headings, along with main themes in academic publications, are a great resource for students who need to find academic language that demonstrates their professional experiences and skills. 

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