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Reference Works

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture



Library of Congress Classification

Ethnic Groups and Races
In U.S. History: E184
In Anthropology: GN537-GN674
In Labor: HD6050-HD6305
In Sociology: HT1501-HT1595
In Social Services: HV3176-HV3199
African Americans
In History: E 184.5-E185.98
In Education: LC2699-LC2913
Asian Americans
In History: E184
In Education: LC2630-LC2638
Immigrant Populations
In U.S. History: E184
In Social Services: HV4005-HV4013
In Education: LC3701-LC3747
Latino Americans
In History: E184
In Education: LC2667-LC2698
Native Americans
In History: E75-E99

For topics related to race and ethnicity,  it may be necessary to think about how a population has been described in the past in order to come up with a complete list of effective search terms.

Ethnicity and Race in General
- antiracism
- antisemitism
- ethnic Groups
- ethnic Relations
- ethnicity
- Islamophobia
- minorities
- people of color
- race
- race discrimination
- racial
- racism
African Americans
- Afro Americans
- African Diaspora
- Blacks
- Colored people (in works written before the 1980s)
- Negroes (in works written before the 1970s)
Asian Americans
- Chinese Americans (or other specific nationalities)
Immigrant Populations
- immigrants
- emigration or immigration
- undocumented aliens
- [nationality] and immigration
(example: Guatemalans and immigration)
Latin Americans
- Latino/as
- Hispanics
- Hispanic Americans
- Chicano/as
- Mexican Americans (or other specific nationality)
Native Americans
- American Indians
- Indians of North America
- First Nations
- Native Americans
- Cowlitz Indians (or other specific tribes)



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Statistical Information


US Census (Conducted every 10-years, a survey of population, housing, economic, and geographic data)


Economic & Statistics Administration

Proquest Statistical Abstract of the U.S.

Indian Country Justice Statistics

Section of Chiho Aoshima's Rebirth of the World at Seattle Asian Art Museum
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