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Evergreen Historical Documents: Evergreen HIstorical Documents


Evergreen Historical Documents


No academic departments. No academic requirements*. No faculty rank**. No grades.

The Evergreen State College is often noted for what it isn't, perhaps most famously by the "Four Nos" first articulated almost 50 years ago by founding president Charlie McCann. Before Evergreen opened its doors, direction for the new college was as much about what it shouldn't be as what it should. State Senator Gordon Sandison said the Legislature did not want "just another four year college" bound by rigid structures of tradition, and Governor Dan Evans expressed the need to "unshackle our educational thinking from traditional patterns" to create a "flexible and sophisticated educational instrument" (Clabaugh 1970). 

Knowing what we aren't helps define us, but it doesn't tell the bigger story of what we are.  The documents listed below are some of the college's primary texts and key secondary sources, arranged by decade. Some examine the college from a broad perspective. Others focus more tightly on particular elements of Evergreen's history, organization, and educational approach. We hope these materials shed light on how Evergreen became the college it did and how it continues to define and redefine itself.

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Many thanks to John McLain for originating this bibliography.

*  Except for the Academic Statement (2011).
** Except for effective tenure (dating to mid-1980s or mid-1990s).  And adjuncts.

Before Evergreen

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Reaccreditation Self-Study. 2008.

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United Faculty of Evergreen Collective Bargaining Agreement. 2008. (First CBA between UFE and the college).


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