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Course Materials: Fall 2022

This guide lists the current course materials available through The Evergreen Library catalog.

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Advanced Studio and Music Production I (Zenaida Vergara)

Art of Helping (Mary Dean)

Asylums: Institutions of Social Control in American History (George Bridges)

Audio Fundamentals and Mixing Techniques I (Zenaida Vergara)

Beautiful Ideas: Art and Science of Music and Biology (Donald Morisato and Andrea Gullickson)

Beginning Weaving: Coast Salish Style (Susan Pavel)

Biology and Management of Honey Bee and Native Pollinators (David Muehleisen)

Borders, Walls, and Refugees in the Age of Climate Change (Steven Niva)

Business Finance and Management Foundations (Thuy Vu)

Calculus and Analytical Geometry I (Vauhn Foster-Grahler)

Chinese - First Year I (Lin Crowley)

Climate Policy and Action: Science and Policy Basics (Anthony Levenda)

Comparative Literature and World Cinema: Reading Globalectically (Vuslat Katsanis)

Cornerstone (Nancy Parkes)

Data Structures and Algorithms (Richard Weiss and Gordon Gul)

Drawing: Foundations (Emily Adams)

EastWest Psychology: Cultivating Mental Wellbeing (Jamyang Tsultrim)

Engaging Collectively Through Art and Critical Social Psychology (Shaw Osha and Arita Balaram)

Fables, Fairy Tales, and Other True Stories (Steve Blakeslee)

Food Systems, Human Health, and the Environment (Frederica Bowcutt and Prita Lal)

Forest, Farm, Shellfish Garden: Experimental Learning (Suzanne Simons and Sarah Williams)

Fungal Kingdom (Lalita Calabria and Paul Przybylowicz)

Gateways for Incarcerated Youth (Carolyn Prouty)

Gender History: Ancient and Medieval Europe (Stacey Davis)

GIS: Introduction and Principles (Kale McConathy)

Graphic Design I: Principles and Practices for Artists and Designers (Lynarra Featherly)

Greece and Italy: An Artistic and Literary Odyssey (Amjad Faur and Andrew Reece)

History and Systems in Psychology (Susan Cummings)

Integrated Natural Sciences (Andrew Brabban, Vauhn Foster-Grahler, Michael Paros, Paula Schofield, and Erik Thuesen)

Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace (Dariush Khaleghi)

Introduction to Cybersecurity (Richard Weiss)

Introduction to Environmental Studies: Global Climate Change (Gerardo Chin-Leo, Shangrila Joshi)

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector and Grant Writing (Doreen Swetkis)

Ireland in History and Memory (Sean Williams)

Japanese - First Year I (Tomoko Hirai Ulmer)

Leading Self: Purpose-Driven Leadership (Dariush Khaleghi)

Marx's Capital: Capital, Crypto-, and the Mystery of Money (Kathleen Eamon)

Matter and Motion: The Physical Science Behind Climate Change (Dharshi Bopegedera, Krishna Chowdary, and Rachel Hastings)

Media Intensive: Experiments in Animation and Video (Ruth Hayes and Suree Towfighnia)

Medium and Message: Graphic Design, Audio Ethnography, and Design Thinking (Eric Stein and Lynarra Featherly)

MES: Case Studies and Thesis Design (John Kirkpatrick and Kathleen Saul)

MES: Climate Justice (Shangrila Joshi)

MES: Conceptualizing our Regional Environment (Kevin Francis)

MES: Fire Ecology and Society (Sarah Hamman)

MiT: Elementary Mathematics (Michael Bowman, Kate Napolitan, Sunshine Sara Campbell, and Anthony Zaragoza)

MiT: Elementary Social Studies and Literacy Praxis (Michael Bowman, Kate Napolitan, Sunshine Sara Campbell, and Anthony Zaragoza)

MiT: Elementary and Secondary Visual Arts (Michael Bowman, Kate Napolitan, Sunshine Sara Campbell, and Anthony Zaragoza)

MiT: Secondary Adolescent Development (Michael Bowman, Kate Napolitan, Sunshine Sara Campbell, and Anthony Zaragoza)

MiT: Secondary Math Endorsement

MiT: Secondary Science Endorsement (Michael Bowman)

MiT: Secondary Social Studies (Michael Bowman, Kate Napolitan, Sunshine Sara Campbell, and Anthony Zaragoza)

Molecule to Organism (Andrew Brabban, Lydia McKinstry, Michael Paros)

MPA: Analytical Techniques for Public Service I & II

MPA: Collaborative Governance (Lachezar (Lucky) Anguelov)

MPA: Context of Public Administration (Mike Craw, Meghan Doughty, Doreen Swetkis)

MPA: Democracy's Digital Divide (Jeffrey Callen)

MPA: Immigration Policy (Barbara Leen)

MPA Tacoma: Analytical Techniques for Public Service I & II (Mike Craw, Amy Gould, and Wenhong Wang)

MPA Tacoma: Foundations of Public Policy (Amy Gould)

MPA Tacoma: Nonprofit Theory and Practice

MPA Tacoma: Poverty: Who, What, Why (Wenhong Wang)

NPP: Creative Writing (Dawn Barron)

NPP: Critical Indigenous Studies (Kendra Aguilar)

NPP: Legacies of Resistance (Corey Larson)

NPP: World Of Writing

Photography: Foundations (Carolyn Chema)

Physical Systems and Applied Mathematics (John Caraher & Krishna Chowdary)

Power Games: Identity and the Social Imagination in Game Studies and Design (Julie Russo and Joli Sandoz)

Practice of Organic Farming (Angelos Katsanis)

Printmaking: Introduction (Emily Adams)

Psychology and Popular Music (Andrew Buchman and Nathalie Yuen)

A Question of Character: Psychology and Performance (Mark Harrison and Mark Hurst)

Regeneration of Performance Arts: Indigenous Puppetry (Yvonne and Gary Peterson)

Reimagining the Body: Psychology, Art, and Health (Hirsh Diamant and Mukti Khanna)

Salmon, Raven, and Whale: The Pacific Northwest in Art and Science (Amy Cook)

The Social Construction of Brains and Behavior (Ada Vane and Tara Hardy)

Student-Originate Studies (SOS) Poetics: Word and Image (Leonard Schwartz)

Student-Originate Studies (SOS) Tribal Marine Policy and Sciences (Pauline Yu)

Spanish - First Year I (Ethan Rogol)

The Spanish-Speaking World: Cultural Crossings (Hugo Flores, Alice Nelson, Catalina Ocampo)

Studio Projects: Rites of Passage (Evan Blackwell)

Tacoma: Environmental Policy and Practice

Tacoma: Science of Individuality and Public Health

Tacoma: With Liberty and Justice for Whom?

Taking Back Empire: Political Economy, Militarism, and Decolonial Movements (Savvina Chowdhury and Zoltan Grossman)

Teaching English Language Learners: Culture, Theory, and Methods (Leslie Flemmer, Grace Huerta)

Temperate Rainforest Biogeochemistry and Ecophysiology (Dylan Fischer and Carri LeRoy)

Tend and Tell: Developing an Ethnobotanical Garden (Marja Eloheimo)

Unmasking the Material World: Constructing Narratives in Archaeology and Creative Writing (Kristin Coffey and Ulrike Krotscheck)

Woodworking: Containers and Enclosures (Don Jensen)

Writing as Experimental and Ecological Practice: Eco-Literature, Fiction, and Cross-Genre Workshop (Miranda Mellis)

Writing, Communication, and Leadership for the Common Good: Creating Change (Rebecca Chamberlain)

Writing From Life (Nancy Parkes)

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