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Course Materials/Open Reserves: Spring 2023

This guide lists the current course materials available through The Evergreen Library catalog. Physical books set aside for two-day rental in the Open Reserves section.

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We have multiple copies of certain texts not listed here. Search the catalog to find them:

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Achieving the Ideal? A Sociological Study of How Criminal Justice Works ... and Doesn't (Bridges, George)

Advanced Computing and Machine Learning (Sheryl Shulman, Richard Weiss)

Agroecology Science and Practice: Market Farming and Community Gardening (Steven Scheuerell)

Alchemy of Witness II: Relating Through the Camera (Penelope Partridge)

Applications Security (Dee Weinman)

Art and Science of Clinical Application of Mindfulness (Jamyang Tsultrim)

Autobiography, Story, and Poetry: Dancing with Words (Nancy Parkes)

Branching Out: An Ethnobotanical Garden in Community (Marja Eloheimo)

Business Finance and Management in Action: How to Start and Operate Financially Successful Enterprises (Thuy Vu)

Chinese - First Year III (Lin Crowley)

Climate Justice (Shangrila Joshi)

Community Mental Health and Art in Social Contexts (Andrew Buchman, Arita Balaram)

Current Economic Issues and Social Justice (Savvina Chowdhury)

Field Ecology (Dylan Fischer, Alison Styring)

Field Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity Conservation (Frederica Bowcutt, Lalita Calabria)

Forest, Farm, Shellfish Garden: Experiential Learning (Joli Sandoz, Suzanne Simons, Sarah Williams)

French - First Year III (Olivier Soustelle)

French - Second Year III (Olivier Soustelle)

Gateways for Incarcerated Youth (Carolyn Prouty)

Gender and Sexuality History: 1800-Today (Stacey Davis, Bradley Proctor)

Graphic Design III: Capstone Projects, Professional Portfolios, and User Interface Design for Artists and Designers (Lynarra Featherly)

Greece and Italy: An Artistic and Literary Odyssey (Amjad Faur, Andrew Reece)

Health vs. Wealth (Mary Dean)

Human Migration and the Origins of Agriculture (Donald Morisato, Martha Rosemeyer)

Introduction to Promotional Video (Suree Towfighnia)

Japanese - First Year and Second Year III (Tomoko Hirai Ulmer)

Visit the language section of the Open Reserves (Library, main floor) and the Language Lab room (Library, third floor) for all available Japanese textbooks.

Leading Organizations: Culture and Change (Dariush Khaleghi)

Literary Arts: Capstone (Steven Hendricks)

Marine Biodiversity (Erik Thuesen, Pauline Yu)

MES: Research Design and Quantitative Methods (John Kirkpatrick, Erin Martin, Kathleen Saul)

MES: Cultural and Ecological Restoration (Glenda Breiler, Sarah Hamman)

MIT: Master in Teaching EL/ML Integrated Pathway Spring Start [UG & GR] (Leslie Flemmer, Grace Huerta, Sara Sunshine Campbell)

Molecule to Organism (Andrew Brabban, Lydia McKinstry, Michael Paros)

MPA: Capstone Tacoma (Mike Craw, Wenhong Wang)

MPA: Emotional Intelligence (Dariush Khaleghi)

MPA: Financial Decision-Analysis in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors (Spencer Brien)

MPA: Urban Management (Lachezar (Lucky) Anguelov)

Natural History of the Pacific Northwest (Gerardo Chin-Leo, Paul Przybylowicz)

NPP: Creative Writing: Indigenous Speculative Fiction (Sasha LaPointe)

NPP: Indigenous Landscapes [Peninsula] Peninsula (Corey Larson, Hailey (Hailey Maria) Salazar)

NPP: Rooted: Food Sovereignty as Medicine Native Pathways - Olympia (Kendra Aguilar)

NPP: Salish Sea Landscapes and Waterscapes Native Pathways - Olympia (Corey Larson)

NPP: World of Writing: Thinking it Through - Intersectional Public Voice and Writing for Survivance Native Pathways - Olympia (Carmen Hoover)

PLE Prior Learning from Experience Document Writing (Rebecca Chamberlain)

Poetry New York (Leonard Schwartz)

Positive Organizational Behavior (Dariush Khaleghi)

Positive Psychology and Well-Being Theory (Mark Hurst)

Psychology and Art: Creativity and Consciousness (Mukti Khanna, Alexander McCarty)

Psychology: Black Psychology and the Psychology of Marginalized Communities (Marcella Benson-Quaziena, George Freeman)

Reclaiming the Commons: Black, White, and Indigenous Peoples Reconstructing Community (Zoltan Grossman, Prita Lal)

Ruins: Archaeology, Ethnography, and History (Eric Stein, Ulrike Krotscheck)

Science from the Inside Out (Nancy Murray, Kenneth Tabbutt)

So You Want to be a Psychologist (Nathalie Yuen)

Spanish - First Year III (Ethan Rogol)

The Spanish-Speaking World: Cultural Crossings (Hugo Flores, Alice Nelson, Catalina Ocampo)

Spring Assessment of the Biology and Ecology of Native Pollinators and Honey Bees in the Pacific Northwest (David Muehleisen)

Statistics 1 (Alvin Josephy)

Statistics I and II: Accelerated (Carri LeRoy)

Stylistic Choices: Reading the Works of Hemingway and Woolf (Kristin Coffey)

Tribal MPA: Policy, Finance, and Budgeting for Public Administration TG (Lexie Tom)

With Liberty and Justice For Whom? Tacoma (Peter Bacho, Paul McCreary, Tyrus Smith, Mingxia Li)

Writing from Life (Rebecca Chamberlain)

Writing Resilience (Tara Hardy)

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