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Course Materials/Open Reserves: Fall 2023

About this Guide

This guide lists the current course materials available through The Evergreen State College Library collections.

Browse courses A-Z, or use CTRL+F to search the guide for a specific course or book title. 

Physical items in the Open Reserves collection check out for two days. Note: Physical items for Tacoma-based programs can be checked out for a full quarter and are not on Open Reserve. 

Advanced Studies in Music and Humanities (Andrew Buchman)

Aging Today: Psychology and Public Health (Carolyn Prouty, Nathalie Yuen)

Agroecology Science and Practice: Market Farming and Community Gardening (Steve Scheuerell)

America to 2025: Expressive Culture, History, and Identity (Bradley Proctor, Sean Williams)

Anthrozoology (Michael Paros)

Atoms, Molecules, and Reactions (Dharshi Bopegedera)

Between Normal and Abnormal: Feminism and Mental Illness (Arita Balaram)

Branching Out: An Ethnobotanical Garden in Community (Marja Eloheimo)

Calculus and Analytical Geometry I (Vauhn Foster-Grahler)

Climate Change, Fire, and Carbon in Terrestrial Ecosystems (Dylan Fischer)

Climate Policy and Action: Science and Policy Basics (Anthony Levenda)

Computer Science and... Music!

Core Studio: Theory and Practice of Interdisciplinary Visual and Media Art (Julia Zay, Shaw Osha (Flores))

Cornerstone: Foundational Skills and Capacities for Academic Success (Lynarra Featherly)

Data Structures and Algorithms (Richard Weiss, Paul Pham)

Democracy Versus Empire in American Politics (Steven Niva)

EastWest Psychology: Cultivating Mental Well-being (Jamyang Tsultrim)

Environmental Biology and Chemistry (Andrew Brabban, Paula Schofield)

Financial Management and Economics for Business Enterprises (Thuy Vu)

Food: Biology of Nutrition and Genetics Tacoma (Mingxia Li)

Note that physical items for Tacoma programs are not on Open Reserve and can be checked out for the full quarter. 

Foundations in Society, Law, and Justice (George Bridges)

French - First Year I

French- Second Year II

Fungi for Human Health and the Environment (Lalita Calabria, Prita Lal)

Gateways for Incarcerated Youth (Carolyn Prouty, Anthony Zaragoza)

General Biology (Clarissa Dirks)

Graphic Design I: Principles and Practices for Artists and Designers (Lynarra Featherly)

Heaven and Earth: Myth, Religion, and Archaeology in Ancient Greece (Andrew Reece, Ulrike Krotscheck)

History & Systems in Psychology (Susan Cummings)

Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace (Dariush Khaleghi)

Intersectional Ecofeminism (Frederica Bowcutt)

Introduction to Botany (Lalita Calabria)

Introduction to Environmental Studies: Oceans, Climate Change, and Tribes (Gerardo Chin-Leo & Zoltan Grossman)

Introduction to Environmental Studies: Waste (Eric Stein and Pauline Yu)

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector and Grant Writing (Doreen Swetkis, Allison Jones)

Japanese - First Year (Tomoko Hirai Ulmer)

Japanese - Second Year (Tomoko Hirai Ulmer)

Land-Based Learning: Foodways (Sarah Williams, Michael Bowman)

Leadership Development: Theory & Practice (Marcella Benson-Quaziena)

Leading Self: Purpose-Driven Leadership (Dariush Khaleghi)

Mathematical Methods

Master in Teaching EL/ML Integrated Pathway (Jon Davies, Leslie Flemmer, Grace Huerta, Sarah Sunshine Cambell, Catherine Peterson)

MES: Case Studies and Thesis Design (Carri LeRoy, Erin Martin)

MES: Conceptualizing our Regional Environment (Shangrila Joshi, Kathleen Saul, John Withey)

MES: Conservation at the Science-Policy Interface (Timothy Quinn)

MES: Intersectional Ecofeminism (Frederica Bowcutt)

MES: Salmon Ecology, Policy, and Management (Erik Neatherlin)

Mindbody Medicine Practices (Mukti Khanna)

MIT (Jon Davies, Leslie Flemmer, Grace Huerta, Sara Sunshine Campbell, Catherine Peterson)

Models of Motion (Krishna Chowdary)

MPA Oly: Analytical Techniques for Public Service I and II (Lachezar (Lucky) Anguelov, Wenhong Wang

MPA Tribal Governance: Analytical Techniques (Amy Gould & Jeffrey Callen)

MPA: Foundations of Public Policy (Laurance Geri)

MPA Tacoma: Human Resource Management (Lachezar (Lucky) Anguelov)

Note that physical items for Tacoma programs are not on Open Reserve and can be checked out for the full quarter. 

MPA Tacoma : The Context of Public Administration (Doreen Swetkis, Benjamin Feldbush)

Note that physical items for Tacoma programs are not on Open Reserve and can be checked out for the full quarter. 

MPA: Health Policy in Social Context (Wenhong Wang)

MPA: Introduction to Economics for Public Managers (Spencer Brien)

MPA: The Context of Public Administration (Meghan Doughty, Laurance Geri, Spencer Brien)

MPA: Managing Organizations (Amy Gould)

Music in Myth and Literature (Andrea Gullickson)

Native Pathways Program: Settler Colonialism Across North America (Dawn Barron, Corey Larson, Kyle Pittman)

Nature and Nurture: Human Development and the Environment (Ada Vane, Paul Przybylowicz)

On Reading Well (Steve Blakeslee)

Paris Muse: Evoking Place in Literature, History and Music (Stacey Davis, Rebecca Raitses, Andrew Buchman)

Photography: Foundations

Photography and the Riddle of Images (Amjad Faur)

A Place in the Past: Reading and Writing Historical Fiction (Kristin Coffey)

Psychology Capstone: Clinical/Counseling (Mukti Khanna)

Quantitative Reasoning Tacoma (Tyrus Smith)

Note that physical items for Tacoma programs are not on Open Reserve and can be checked out for the full quarter. 

Recipes: The Chemistry and Math of Food (Rebecca Sunderman)

Reimagining the Body (Hirsh Diamant)

ReInterpreting Liberation: Decolonial Feminist Futures (Savvina Chowdhury, Alice Nelson)

Rooted: Legacies of Food Justice (Kendra Aguilar)

Science Gone Viral:  Fact and Propaganda in the Digital Age

Self and Story: Studies in Psychology, Literature, and Writing (Steve Blakeslee, Mark Hurst)

Spanish - Second Year (Hugo Flores)

Studio Art: Form, Story, Culture (Alexander McCarty, Rosario Gordon)

The Art of Helping (Mary Dean)

The Truth and Life of Myth (Leonard Schwartz)

The Writer's Journey: Self-Expression in Community (Carmen Hoover)

Tribal MPA: Analytical Techniques for Public Service I and II (Amy Gould, Jeffrey Callen)

What is Education for at This Moment in Time and Place? (Sonja Wiedenhaupt)

Wildlife Conservation Biology (Amy Cook, Alison Styring)

Woodworking: Enclosures and Containers (Don Jensen)

Word Play: Creative Writing, Ecological Literature, and Book Arts (Steven Hendricks, Miranda Mellis)

Writing, Literature, and Storytelling to Change the World (Rebecca Chamberlain)

Writing Trauma (Tara Hardy)

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