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Course Materials/Open Reserves: Spring 2024

This guide lists the current required course materials available through The Evergreen State College Library collections.

About this guide

This guide lists the current course materials available through The Evergreen State College Library collections.

Browse courses A-Z, or use CTRL+F to search the guide for a specific course or book title. 

Physical items in the Open Reserves collection check out for two days. Note: Physical items for Tacoma-based programs can be checked out for a full quarter and are not included in the Olympia campus Open Reserve print collection. 

Abnormal Psychology (Susan Cummings)

Academic Statement Practicum (Andrew Reece)

Addiction and Treatment: Strengths Based Perspectives (Emily Polak-Perez)

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry and Instrumentation Laboratory (Dharshi Bopegedera)

Anatomy and Physiology: Transport and Exchange (Amanda Kugel)

Branching Out: An Ethnobotanical Garden in Community (Marja Eloheimo)

Calculus and Analytical Geometry III (Vauhn Foster-Grahler)

Coast Salish Weaving Perspective and Practice (Susan Pavel)

Decolonizing Place Names (Zoltan Grossman)

Ecological Agriculture: Advanced Agroecology and Soil Science (Martha Rosemeyer, Robin Morgan)

Ecology of Grazing and Grasslands in the Pacific Northwest (Michael Paros)

Environmental Applications of Fungi (Lalita Calabria, Aziz Turkoglu)

Epic Journeys from Homer to Milton (Steve Blakeslee, Andrew Reece)

Farm to Table: Shaping Crops and Making Food Systems (Robin Morgan)

Financial Management for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises (Doreen Swetkis, Thuy Vu)

Foundations of Healing-Centered Practice (Arita Balaram)

Gateways for Incarcerated Youth (Carolyn Prouty, Anthony Zaragoza)

Global Hunger, Global Health - Tacoma (Mingxia Li)

Healing Justice: Social Determinants and World Health Systems (Prita Lal)

Introduction to Neuroscience (Nancy Murray)

Introduction to Psychology: Exploring Humans, Non-Human Animals, and Diversity Science (Kina Montenegro)

The Journey: Art of Pilgrimage in Writing, Literature, and Life (Rebecca Chamberlain)

Land-Based Learning: Foodways (Michael Bowman, Sarah Williams)

Leading Organizations: Culture and Change (Dariush Khaleghi)

Liberal Arts: Seeking Common Ground: From Local to Global, Lyceum - Tacoma ( Arlen Speights, Mingxia Li, Paul McCreary)

Literary Arts Seminar: Broken Genres (Steven Hendricks)

Marine Fisheries and Human Health (Pauline Yu)

Mathematical Systems (Rachel Hastings)

MES: Introduction to the Research Process: Research Design and Analysis - Tacoma (Tyrus Smith)

MES: Research Design and Quantative Methods (Carri LeRoy, Kathleen Saul, John Withey)

MES: Social Science Research: Qualitative Methods (Shangrila Joshi)

MES: Social & Environmental Impacts Community Industrial Hazards - Tacoma (Tyrus Smith)

Mindbody Medicine Practices (Mukti Khanna)

Mindfulness-Based Therapy: Research,Theory, Practice, and Application (Jamyang Tsultrim)

MIT - All Courses (Jon Davies, Leslie Flemmer, Grace Huerta, Sara Sunshine Campbell, Catherine Peterson)

Modern Discourse: Dispelling Myths About American Indians (Kyle Pittman)

MPA: Applied Research Methods and Statistics - Tacoma (Wenhong Wang)

MPA: Community-based Nonprofit Organizations (Michael Craw)

MPA: Cost-Benefit Analysis (Spencer Brien)

MPA: Local Governance (Lachezar (Lucky) Anguelov)

MPA: Mental Karate for Leaders (Amy Gould)

MPA: Nonprofit Theory and Practice (Laurance Geri)

MPA: Policy Finance and Budgeting for Public Administration - Tacoma (Benjamin Feldbush, Spencer Brien)

MPA: Tribal Policy (John Hopkins)

Network Security (Richard Weiss)

NPP: Reindigenizing Soundscapes (Hailey Maria Salazar)

NPP: Rooted: Food Sovereignty as Medicine (Kendra Aguilar)

NPP: Salish Sea Landscapes and Waterscapes (Corey Larson)

NPP: Summit to Sea: Salish People, Land, Water (Corey Larson, Sasha LaPointe, Kyle Pittman, Hailey Maria Salazar)

NPP: Writing Journey: Thinking it Through - Effective Rhetoric in a Complex World (Carmen Hoover)

Outdoor Leadership and Group Dynamics (Cynthia Kennedy, Paul Przybylowicz)

Playtime, Lifetime: The Anthropology and Psychology of the Lifespan (Ada Vane, Eric Stein)

Positive Organizational Behavior (Dariush Khaleghi)

Positive Psychology and Well-Being Theory (Mark Hurst)

The Practice of Organic Farming and Agricultural Systems Thinking (Ben Hunsdorfer)

Precalculus II (Vauhn Foster-Grahler)

Psychology Capstone: Clinical/Counseling (Mukti Khanna)

Recipes: The Chemistry and Math of Food (Rebecca Sunderman)

(Re)Orienting Identity: Image/Text Collaborations (Catalina Ocampo, Rosario Gordon)

Seminar on the Poetics and Politics of Space: Reading Kojin Karatani & Gaston Bachelard (Miranda Mellis)

Shaped by the Sea, Shaped by the Hand: Marine Biology and Ceramic Art (Evan Blackwell, Gerardo Chin-Leo)

Social Justice and the US Economy (Savvina Chowdhury)

So You Want to Be a Psychologist (Nathalie Yuen)

Statistics I (Alvin Josephy)

Stigma: The Causes and Effects of Being Defined as Deviant (George Bridges)

Student-Originated Software (Richard Weiss, Paul Pham)

Student-Originated Studies: Music (Andrea Gullickson)

Student Originated Studies: Poetics (Leonard Schwartz)

Symbiosis (Dylan Fischer, Erik Thuesen)

Theories of Personality (Susan Cummings)

Time Past: Earth Processes and Human History (Kenneth Tabbutt, Ulrike Krotscheck)

Vertebrate Evolution (Amy Cook)

Web Design II (Arlen Speights)

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