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Games in the Library: Home

The library is home to hundreds of board games, story games, card games, and RPG materials.


snapshot of the library's board game collection

Welcome to the resource guide for our extensive games collection at the Daniel J. Evans Library.

The library is home to more than 500 games, including traditional and modern tabletop board games, story games, card games, and role-playing game books and resources.

Games check out for a week at a time but can be renewed weekly for as long as you need them.

How to Use this Catalog

Finding and Requesting Games

You can browse and search our entire games collection in the library catalog.

Check the library website for our current hours and more information.

Learn More about Games

If you want to learn more about a game before you place a hold, you can find a lot of great information over at Board Game Geek.

BGG is great to learn how many players the game works best with, how long games take to play, and best age ranges for games.

Learn How to Play Games

Need to learn how to play? Manuals are okay, but we recommend heading over to YouTube.

Simply search "how to play GAMETITLE" for a nice video walkthrough on how to set up and play most games.

Find People to Play Games With

There are tons of gamers in the Evergreen community! If you are a current student, faculty, or staff, I recommend joining the college's Discord Hub to find clubs and ways to connect with other students. The Evergreen Tabletop Guild (under 'Clubs') is a great place to start!

You could also use Meetup to check out events in the area, or make your own!

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