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Israel and Palestine Resource Guide

About this Guide

This guide is intended to serve as a starting point for understanding and contextualizing the ongoing violence in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank. The assembled resources are included to encourage critical engagement with a variety of resource types and perspectives that pertain to Israel and Palestine. As you browse and learn, note the type of resource, its sources of authority, and, if relevant, its political stance.

Resources are categorized by type and arranged in alphabetical order. Use the tabs on the left to navigate between resource types.

News & Explainers includes reporting, journalism, and media/information centers.
Media includes news shows, films, interviews, and podcasts.
Organizations and Movements includes activist entities in Israel, Palestine, and the United States guided by specific political agendas.
Books includes nonfiction (history, sociology, political science, anthropology, linguistics) and creative writing (memoir, fiction), and rare books. 
Academic & Research Institutes includes college and university centers for Middle East, Israel, Palestinian, and Jewish studies, non-profit research institutes, and academic journals. 

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