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Anti-Racism: Home

Resources to support anti-racism, civic engagement, and dissent.

Our Statement

The Daniel J. Evans Library stands behind this statement made by the Washington Library Association.

The Washington Library Association decries the brutality Black communities experience from those charged to protect and serve. Libraries are providers of vital resources for historically underserved communities, and this work has never been more important than it is now. We are responsible for continuing to do this difficult, sometimes painful work that demands we address our biases and how they impact our ability to serve our communities equitably. We urge library professionals across Washington to fight for Black lives, actively oppose systemic oppression and police brutality, and prioritize anti-racism in all that we do. The WLA Board is committed to doing this anti-racist work within our association. To be silent is to be complicit.

How to use this guide

This guide draws on a number of other resources and lists, including but not limited to:

In every instance, with every book, video, and resource, the Daniel J. Evans Library has made the effort to procure an electronic copy with the best license we can secure and afford. Many materials are available for unlimited reading and viewing, while some are limited to a certain number of concurrent users. In a few cases, electronic copies are simply not available for the library to purchase and make available, in which cases we've directed you to print copies in our catalog, when possible, though there may also be electronic copies available for individual purchase.

This guide is separated primarily by material type. The main purpose was to provide e-copies of books that we are seeing on various reading lists such as those listed above. In addition, we wanted to showcase some of the video resources that are available, both within our collections and on the web.

This guide is a growing resource. We will continue to add content as it becomes available, and will work on providing links to some of the many great web resources for further reading, and then spending some time thinking about how to turn our focus and energies towards our own local communities.

Suggest a Purchase

If you know of a book, ebook, or other resource that you would like the library to purchase, you can make a purchase request!

The purchase request form can be found at the following link:

You will be required to login using your Evergreen account.

Please search our catalog to verify whether or not we already own an item before you make a purchase request.

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