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Current Exhibitions in the Library

The Solastalgic Archive

On display from April 1, 2024 - June 14, 2024

Solastalgia is a premonition of longing for the present moment from the perspective of an anticipated future. It is the feeling of homesickness before leaving home. What are we experiencing now that we will miss in the future? That is the sensation of solastalgia.

The Solastalgic Archive holds ephemera of memory, creation, forgetting, destruction, preciousness and transience. Contributions have been sourced from a vast array of people, each asked to consider what connects them to time. Unlike other museum collections, the Solastalgic Archive holds deeply personal items, as well as things that change or disappear over time.

By allowing emotions and ephemerality to displace institutional indifference and contrived permanence, this space enlivens the passage of time. The archive will evolve over the course of its exhibition and will continue to grow.

Hear from the artist by attending the April 24th Artist Lecture Series online:

To learn more about this evolving exhibit, visit Nina Elder's website at:

On Display in the Rare Books Room

The Peace of Wild Things: a Book Arts Exploration of the Natural World

On display from April 1, 2024 - June 14, 2024

Our current Rare Books Room exhibit explores the natural world through the eyes of book artists. We were inspired by the long-awaited return of the Procession of the Species to choose titles that shared the Procession’s categories of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Selections address themes of social and environmental justice, nature’s ability to promote growth and decay, and humanity’s effect on our shared environment (and vice versa).  

Several of the books on display incorporate unusual materials, including Suze Woolf’s bark-beetle ravaged wood and Carletta Carrington Wilson’s soft mixed media books made with fabric, artificial plants, and bells. Jean Ferrier’s retelling of a Haida-Gwai Legend is bound in a clamshell. Mari Eckstein Gower’s flag book depicts the teeming life found beneath our feet and includes a vial of sand, rocks, and peat.  

QR codes accompany select exhibit titles for those who wish to engage more deeply. This Spring, we invite you to spend time with these beautifully diverse offerings from the James F Holly Rare Book Collection.


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