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Zines: Introduction

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What the heck is a zine, anyway?

A zine is a small, self-published work, usually reproduced via a copy machine. Zines can be produced by individuals or small groups, and are typically distributed locally or through zine distros. Zines can be made on any topic! What sets them apart is the personal, often alternative, perspectives of their authors. 


"For me, a zine is not just a self-made and self-published booklet but it is also situated within DIY culture. This means it is non-profit, non-commercial, low-budget, and non-competitive. Topics and styles can vary but it's important that zines remain accessible, both to readers (everyone can afford to buy or trade them) and to writers (everyone can make them). Zines don't exist as little paper islands but they are connected and blossom within a mutually supportive zine community." What is a zine definition, handwritten by Jenna Freedman.

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