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Bookends: A Library Newsletter | July 24, 2023

by Ahniwa Ferrari on 2023-07-24T15:19:00-07:00 | 0 Comments

Bookends: A Library Newsletter | 7/24/2023

Summer is fast; summer is slow

I don’t know about you, but here in the library, summer always like an ocean of possibilities and time as it approaches and then, like a leaf on the tide, it’s swept away before you know it. We promised ourselves not to undergo any major projects this summer as we took on far, far too much last summer. Even so, there is a lot going on!

Our ‘media rooms’ which you can reserve are undergoing a technology overhaul, with one done so far. When we’re finished, we’ll have three rooms with brand new high-def TVs capable of connecting to your favorite streaming services, paired with new soundbars and new DVD/Blu-Ray players. Oh, and don’t worry, the VCRs are sticking around, too, just in case you end up needing to watch a title that we only have on VHS.

We are also working on: getting the Rare Books Room sorted so that it can re-open before the end of summer; getting some hand-painted signage for said room, as well as our Beat Nook, Zine Collection, and LP collection (in its new space!); getting new call # labels put up in our stacks (I know, we’re the only people who find that exciting, but it’s really helpful); and considering additional things that we can check out to students that would be helpful – for instance, did you know we have webcams, portable DVD players, and graphing calculators, along with a metric book-ton of Chromebooks?

Read on to hear about our hours of the summer (6 days a week!), the cool exhibits that we’re showing, all the finding aids we’ve added in Archives, and a ton more!

But wait, before we get too far, how are we doing?

We have an open-ended, one-question survey just to ask: how has the library impacted you in the last year? Won’t you take a second to let us know?

Take the survey here:

Library Resources & Services At A Glance

Summer Hours for Library & Centers

The Library will be open all summer during the following hours:

  • Monday - Thursday | 9am - 7pm
  • Friday | 9am - 5pm
  • Saturday | Closed
  • Sunday | 12 - 5pm

The Writing Center is open (in person & virtual): Tuesdays – Thursdays | 11am – 6pm

Join them for Writer’s Circle to engage in creative writing prompts and community every Wednesday from 5pm – 7pm.

QuaSR is open (in person & virtual): Tuesdays – Thursdays | 11am – 6pm

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Currently on Exhibit in the Library

All summer exhibits on display through September 8, 2023. Come see them before they go!


This art exhibition takes a look into the intersections of Indigenous identity and punk subculture, and how the two have formed a symbiotic relationship that resists colonialism and fuel survivance.

More information about the INDIGEPUNK exhibit.  

The Portrait Project

The Portrait Project is a series of fine art books and a photographic body of work titled "The Portrait Project." The exhibition includes limited edition hand-bound artist books that blend portrait photography and personal narratives. Rachel creates each book by conducting ethnographic research and interviews in collaboration with specific subjects. She then photographs them and combines their portraits and personal stories into a hand-bound book designed to match their story and authentic expression. This project aims to use portrait photography and fine art, in tandem with self-publishing, to tell the stories of marginalized and overlooked individuals and communities.

More information about the Portrait Project exhibit.

Faculty Notes

The Learning and Teaching Commons celebrates notable faculty accomplishments through Faculty Notes. Each year we collect notable publications, presentations, appearances, recognitions, awards, exhibits, performances, research, or other accomplishments to celebrate the incredibly talented faculty at Evergreen.

This exhibit brings Faculty Notes into the third dimension by exhibiting works that are described narratively on the Commons website in a public space for recognition and celebration.

Join us for the closing reception on September 5 from 4:30 – 6:00pm.

More information about the Faculty Notes exhibit.

Simon’s Spa Day!

A guide to surface-cleaning taxidermy roosters

On a rainy Friday afternoon two student workers, Elise and Alcamy, began cleaning Simon the Rooster. Simon is a prize-winning, taxidermy rooster, and the unofficial mascot of the Rare Books Room. He was graciously donated to us by his previous owner and namesake Sandra Simon some 15 years ago, and he was in desperate need of a cleaning. Thus began the journey to Simon’s spa day.

Read more about their journey and the bumps they encountered along the way.

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