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Electronic Resources at The Evergreen Library: Streaming Media

This guide aims to bring together all the electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, databases, streaming media) and digital content available through The Evergreen State College Library.

Find films through the library catalog

The best place to search for streaming videos and films is through the library catalog. By using the catalog, you will be searching across all our platforms instead of just one.


First, pull up the library home page and type your keywords into the library catalog search box. This can be a film title, director, leading actor, or general keyword. If you are searching for a phrase, like a long film title, using quotation marks will help keep those words together in your search.

Header states Search the Library Catalog, followed by a search box below with the phrase "children of the vine" typed into the box.

Short, one-word film titles can be searched with the filmmaker's name to distinguish it from other results. Type in the film title, then AND, then the filmmaker's last name.

Header states Search the Library Catalog, followed by a search box below with the phrase "RBG AND Cohen" typed into the box.


Scroll through to find the streaming film or video title you need. If you can't find what you are looking for, you may need to filter your search by using the left menu called Tweak my results. Here, you can filter by subject, date range, availability, resource type, and more.


You may notice that there are Multiple Versions available of the same title. If you see a result like this, click on it to view all versions of that title. This is a way our catalog packages together the e-book, print book, audiobook, and other variations into one place.


The header Multiple Versions appears above the search result for the title "RBG". Below the title, it states that 4 versions of this record exists.


If there is a streaming copy, you'll see the words Full Text Available under that result. Click on it to open up the title details.


The result for  "Children of the vine" has a link to Full Text Available under the title and author.


Navigate to the View Online section of the catalog record to access the link to the film. This particular film is available through Alexander Street Press Media Hosting. Be sure to check if there are any notes under the hyperlink -- this is where you'll find expiration dates and access restrictions. This note says, "Perpetual streaming access," which means this film has no set expiration date.


View Online header is followed by a subheader Full text availability, under which you will find a hyperlink to the film. The hyperlink text reads Alexander Street Press Media Hosting. Below the hyperlink, a grey note reads Perpetual streaming access.


Browse the library's streaming platforms

Looking for a specific streaming media platform? Check out our List of Streaming Media Platforms.

Looking for historical Evergreen videos? Check out the Evergreen Visual History Archive.

Request a streaming film

If you are unable to find a specific title, you can request it using the following methods:


There are three big things you need to know before screening a film from the library collection.

  1. The best way to assign films is to have your students watch them asynchronously on their own time. If you'd prefer a synchronous screening, we highly recommend screening it in-person using one of many screening rooms on campus. Screen-sharing over Zoom and Teams will not work as you intend it to. Many of our films have copyright protections that do not allow you to screen-share at all. Differing broadband and internet connections will cause your video to skip for your viewers, even if it looks good on your end. Screen-sharing films from the library's streaming film collection is a violation of our license agreements with the vendors supplying the films.

  2. The TEACH Act allows you to screen films without needing to ask permission if: you are screening the film in-person, in a classroom, only to enrolled students in the class, and you are not charging any admission for the screening,

  3. Public Performance Rights (PPR) is required for any film you are screening outside of a classroom, outside of a program, and open to the public. The library has a variety of films with public performance rights. Contact us before scheduling your screening.

This is a recording of a live workshop held on October 28, 2022. Please check the catalog to confirm the availability of the films being referenced.

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