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This guide provides short tutorials on using resources and services at The Evergreen State College Library.

Generating Citations & Finding Permalinks (video)

Generating Citations & Finding Permalinks (text)

Most library databases will automatically generate a citation for you. 

In the Evergreen library catalog, go to the detailed record and select the citation button. Choose the citation style you need, and copy to the clipboard and paste.  

The auto-generated citation function will look different across platforms. Usually, it will be labeled as “cite” or with a quotation mark icon.  

You can also look up almost any academic article or book in Google Scholar and use the cite button to generate a citation. 

Generated citations are a great place to start, but they're not always perfect. 

Be sure to check your formatting with a style manual (located in the Library’s reference section) or with an online style guide, such as Purdue OWL.  

It’s also useful to save the permalink for any record that you may want to return to. 

Unlike the browser URL that will expire after an authenticated session ends, the permalink is a stable link that will always return you to a record. Most platforms use a linking icon for the permalink function.  

Note that you can also email a copy of the record with the permalink to yourself or others. 

Questions? Email, chat, or visit us in-person at the Research Desk to consult with library staff. 

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