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Rare Books Room: Broadsides

Hobo Traveling Notes by Steve Gilmartin
A woman's plea against war Olive Schreiner
The Dream of Narcissus Michael Palmer


An image of the library search bar, "broadsides" in the search bar with "Evergreen Rare Books" selected in the dropdown menu.

Locating Broadsides in the Rare Books Room

Most of our broadsides are framed and hung on the walls, above the general collection. You may also find them in our oversize flat shelves next to the side door. To search for broadsides in the catalog, select Evergreen Rare Books from the drop-down menu on the right. Then, search for "broadside."


What is a Broadside?

Traditionally, a broadside is a large sheet of paper with print exclusively on one side. Historically, broadsides have been used as posters with information announcing events, proclamations, or advertisements. Many of the broadsides in the Rare Books Room are literary in nature and feature poetry or narratives accompanied by illustration.

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