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Evergreen Protests of 2016-2017: The Bibliography: May-August 2018

Articles May - August 2018

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An exaggerated account written with panache, this is a very long article framed at the beginning by the Evergreen protests.  Sympathetic to Weinstein in regard to the Evergreen protests, critical of his persistent but minimally argued attacks on postmodernism (he says Weinstein goes "full Archie Bunker on postmodernist philosophy"), Beckner launches into his views on Critical Race Theory, which he says went "rogue"  at Evergreen.

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A critique of Trump that includes a single mention of Evergreen, used to epitomize a place where "political correctness" has "gone too far", and "consciousness has been raised into the stratosphere of silliness and boorishness" 

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Full Text for Evergreen users.

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Hargreaves expresses deep concern for "the dominance of progressivism and identity politics in our public culture", and celebrates the "moral courage" of those "exposing the shallow and pernicious nature of the official ideology".  Weinstein is his second example, although he devotes only one sentence to Weinstein and Evergreen, which concludes ambiguously that Weinstein "had to leave his job".

“Fear of the Left: The Most Powerful Force in America Today.” 2018. National Review. May 1, 2018.




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